Suggestions reduce costs for online stores

Suggestions help online stores to get accurate contact data. We enable customers from Russia to seamlessly fill in the contact details (addresses, names, e-mails, and phones). Also, we enrich the collected data with information from open data sources.

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223 market leading online stores from Russia use Suggestions. OZON, the 3rd Russian biggest online store, uses Suggestions on the corporate orders checkout form. Usually customers have to manually fill in up to 10 fields to place the corporate order. Suggestions help the customer to fill in just one field, and hook up the remaining data automatically.

How Suggestions help online stores

Suggestions automate the verification of contact details coming from Russian customers and instantly make the data ready to use for delivery, e-mail marketing, and calls.

Suggestions reduce shopping cart bounce rate

With Suggestions, the customers fill in the checkout forms up to 300% quicker. When the customer starts entering his contact details, we automatically suggest the best possible options and fix typos on the fly.

Orders always reach the customers

Suggestions fix the errors in the address data and automatically fill in the correct postal codes. Online stores get everything for successful delivery.

Customers instantly see the accurate delivery price

Suggestions detect the customer's city by IP address and help online stores with delivery price calculations.

Couriers get to the right place

When the customer fills in the address, Suggestions automatically detect geo-coordinates and the closest subway station. Couriers will be in the right place at the right time. It is also possible to convert geo-coordinates to address.

Subscribers get personalized e-mails

Ever thought about the next level of personalization in the e-mails? Suggestions automatically split the customer's name into multiple parts (first name, middle name, last name), detect sex, and fix the typos.

Less wasteful cold calls

Suggestions clean the typos from the phone numbers and detect the customer's timezone. No more occasional night calls!

Stores get warned about unreliable contact data

Suggestions check if the customer's contact data is suitable for delivery or calls, and set the respective quality codes. If the address looks strange or the phone number is fake, the store can contact the customer early on and clarify the contact details before shipping the package.

How to integrate Suggestions into the online store

Suggestions have ready-made integrations with dozens of online store platforms and CMS. There is also a jQuery plugin for custom solutions.

To embed Suggestions into the website:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Get API-key.
  3. Insert a few lines of JS code into the webpage.

It's enough to know a bit of HTML and Javascript to set up Suggestions.



50 000 API requests per day

7 000₽/year, annual billing only


100 000 API requests per day

14 000₽/year, annual billing only


200 000—1 000 000 API requests per day

28 000—140 000₽/year, annual billing only


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